Document Management System Installation Instructions

1 Create a new page for the DMS Plugin through the ‘Pages’ menu.
2 Place the shortcode ‘[document_management_system]’ on the page created in number 1, above.
3 In the Appearance/Menus screen add the DMS Plugin page to the menu of your choice.
4 Navigate to the DMS Plugin page. If there are any messages, resolve them on the server. They can usually be resolved by ensuring that the DMS Plugin can write to the locations in the message. This is done by ensuring that the web server can write to these locations.
5 [VERY IMPORTANT] Click on the “Configure” Button at the bottom of the screen. You can either make configuration changes here or exit this screen and the system will be ready for use. This step is critical as some settings are automatically set and DMS module will not function without it.

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